bcpjul15+1Barrett Clemmensen Powell, Author

This project is so close to my heart. In fact, Lori Leak is my heart. She is me.

The story we tell ourselves about anything is the reality we manifest in our lives. When you stay focused on your vision, you manifest it. The effect of that story can be seen in our lives in the reality we create for ourselves. With Lori Leak, I am able to tell a story from the heart about a father-daughter bond, a family, and exploring the world. 

Traveling, visiting, or living in other cultures is central to my heart. You learn so much about yourself and your origins when you spend time with other other people in their country and culture. Building bridges across cultures and between people is my mission, and traveling empowers me to accomplish my goal.

Books are treasures and I am in deep gratitude that in my lifetime I have been blessed with the talent  and afforded the opportunity to create a character who looks like me and a story/book that shows African-American family life. I am especially thankful to my talented and patient illustrator, (and both kindred native New Englander and expatriate) Kristen Palana. gave my story rich and vibrant colors — like my vision.

Barrett Clemmensen Powell is a New England native who later became a California girl, in sunny La Jolla, CA. She has traveled and lived in Central and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, and the Middle East.  Her future travel plans include Africa, Asia, and Oceania. Barrett combined her former career as a  TV/radio journalist, her counseling background and her ordination as a minister to become a lifestyle entrepreneur focused on human lifespan, culture and spirituality. Barrett has an Associate of Arts in French from Grossmont College, a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication from Emerson College, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Cultural Encounters from Roskilde University in Denmark, and a Master of Divinity from Eden Theological Seminary. Multi-ethnic and multi-cultural, Barrett enjoys learning languages (including French Danish and Hebrew). She currently splits her time between La Jolla, CA and Copenhagen Denmark, where she has lived as an expatriate for more than a decade.

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