What a great celebration of Lori Leak Travels To Paris, girlpower and Black History Months! I had such a wonderful time reading to the children who came to learn about Lori Leak, along with their adults). It was such a joy to sign books for these young readers!

I was privileged to this at the Central Branch of the San Diego Public Library on Park Boulevard in America’s Finest. We had quite a few young readers ahe their parents come out to hear the wild adventure of Lori Leak in Paris with her family.

How delightful it was to hear their questions and comments. I even learned that one litlte boy has wirrten his own book and illustrated it. A young girl informed me that she and her fmaily has visited Paris and that “Lori Leak Travels To Paris” looked and sounded like teh Paris she rememebrs Phew! I am so relieed to know that we made Paris come alive in a real way!

Afterwards, we had delicious French éclairs (a long, thin choux pastry filled with a pastry cream and topped with icing) and I signed several copies for those who wanted to take a book home with them.

And finally it was my pleasure to take a photo with some of my new fans!


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