Lori Leak is catching waves, talking to animals  and taking a wild run ! You can now preorder your copy of her latest adventure, which takes place in San Diego, California!

A Globetrotting Girl

In her first global adventure, people were able to read the funny, heartwarming story of an adventurous, curious, intelligent and sassy girl, Lori Leak, as  she and her parents explored the beautiful and charming sights of Paris, France. Next she travelled to Copenhagen, Denmark where she met Hans Christian Andersen and celebrated a traditional Christmas with a new Danish friend. Now, this smart, curious adventurer is building bridges across cultures and learning new things in the United States of America in San Diego, California!

Sun, surfing, the world famous San Diego Zoo and Safari Park are part of Lori’s new family vacation: a short history lesson, some social justice, a chance to see The Rab Pack and celebrating Passover are all part of Lori’s new adventure!

Great Action Shots!

Richly and lovingly illustrated by Kristen Palana, the story is written with solid third and fourth-grade level vocabulary and curious, adventurous take of new discoveries, the sights of America’s Finest City, relationships and customs. The visuals are painstakingly crafted from the author’s real life travels and adventures and her encounters with people she meets/has met. Check out Kristen’s bio!

We promise that you will love this children’s book for your children, grandchildren, children in your neighborhood or any child in your life (and even for yourself!!).

Preorder YOUR copy now:



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