Outside of her favorite food, cheese, Lori Leak loves this French dish, which goes by a simple name in English. It if focused around one main ingredient and is well-known by chefs around the world. This dish comes from a region of France 100 km southeast of Paris, stretching 360 km.  It has more than 2000 communes, and is considered to be one of France’s most fascinating regions because of its historical political intrigue as well as its dazzling architecture, excellent wines, and rich cuisine.


It all began with some creamy white Charolais bulls.  Their reputation for having a distinct taste, low fat content, and gentle temperament are primarily used to make this dish in France. These cattle are fed only hay, fodder, and cereal, which produce healthy cows.  The meat is very tender!


Today, the dish owes its global fame to a prodigious French chef  who first published the recipe in the early 20th century.  Over time, the recipe evolved from basic, uncomplicated home-cooking to haute cuisine, and the original recipe became the standard-bearer, using a whole piece of beef.   Much later, Julia Child used beef cubes rather than a whole piece, bringing it to the attention of a whole new generation of cooks.

What do you think this tasty French dish is?

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