As many know, I am, as an entrepreneur,  not only a children’s book author, theologian, novelist, world traveler, golfer, guitarist and I do business development consulting and resilience coaching with women in business. I sometimes wear clergy vestments.

My clergy vestments serve three purposes. One is to obscure the street clothes I am wearing so they don’t act as a distraction when I am preaching, leading a service, officiating a ceremony etc. Another is to humbly acknowledge being set apart by others for the privilege of spiritual leadership. Yet another is one I take delight in – storytelling and communicating a message via my stoles.

Here, I wear my favorite, one covered in the faces of children from around the world. Beautiful faces of diverse colors, shades and ethnicities. The LOVE it emanates and attracts is powerful. I wear this especially when asked to officiate baby and child services, weddings and naming ceremonies.

Children see faces like theirs when we meet and they ask about it. The conversation often goes to wonderful and diverse places.

I also get to put this love and diversity into the Lori Leak children’s book series. First this smart, curious, sassy and adventurous African American girl went to Paris and soon she is taking on the Danish capital of Copenhagen!

How do you teach others, especially children and youth, about love, diversity, acceptance? How do you communicate love to them?

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