lorileakbirthdayToday, August 26, 2015, is a special day. It is both Lori Leak’s and my birthday.

kristenpalana-1Even better than that, illustrator Kristen Palana has given a gift that is priceless – all the illustrations for the book are now  complete. This book is simply gorgeous and both the words and images have been created with love.

While writing this story has been a labor of love for me — caring deeply about each scene, inserting just the right word, deciding where Lori Leak and her parents go and what they see and do on their visit to Paris — it has also been a labor of love for Kristen.  She has truly given life to this decades old dream I have secretly treasured in my heart, hoping for expression. Once I finally got the words on paper, she was able to make it appear just as I see it in my mind’s eye and feel in my heart. There has been a lot of intuitive interaction in the creation of this book. Collaborations of such ease are rare and they produce an abundant result.

All who read this book will surely treasure it!

Don’t forget to check out the reviews received so far on “Lori Leak Travels to Paris” and remember to  pre-order your copy!

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