When this classic French dish is being created, there shall be no slamming of doors, no stomping of feet and no heavy vibrations. Can you correctly guess what it is?

The French do such lovely things with eggs and cheese!

This dish can be the center of a meal or it can even be a dessert, like this hot chocolate one!




This classic French dish is is a light, airy cake that originated in France and many people, such as regard it as “one of the great miracles of the French kitchen”. It is a cornerstone of French cuisine, especially in the dessert department, however, it can be both a dessert and a savory main dish. It comes from the French verb that means to ‘blow up’ or ‘puff up’. It always contain two elements: a pudding or crème patissiere base, and a merengue made of egg whites. When the two are folded together, they create a light, flavorful dish.

It is also a wheat free dessert, because it does not contain any flour or grain at all (at least in almost all cases). It is eggy and somewhat resembles angel food cake, but even lighter. When made into desert, it often has a sauce that is poured into the middle of it. When made as a main dish, they often contain savory ingredients like onion, crab, or cheese. Of course, cheese is Lori Leak’s favorite food!

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