Wonderful things are happening and they happen quickly! I have now had a conversation with Martice Sutton, Founder of Girls Going Global, an organization based in Philadelphia, PA that believes, as I do, that young African-Americans need to see the world when they are young to understand they have right of access to the world. We are collaborating now and cross promoting Girls Going Global and this first and future Lori Leak books.

Check out Girls Going Global at www.girlsgoingglobal.org. It is a wonderful organization started by Martice Sutton to take African-American girls on international trips. Martice shares my belief that this type of experience is invaluable in raising these girls into young women and adult women who will

  • travel internationally
  • study abroad
  • work internationally,
  • learn languages
  • embrace other cultures
  • experience the world outside the United Stats of America
  • gain confidence, poise and increase self-esteem

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