What a wonderful thing it was today to appear on CBS8 in San Diego, CA. I ws interviewed by Jeff Zevely, who has a wonderful feature series each week called “The Zevely Zone”. I was able to share all about Lori and more!

As you know, Lori Leak is based on me — my chidhood, my family members, and my travel experiences and adventures throughout my life. I have given her my personality and my zest for life. Through Lori Leak I get to re-experience my childhood — that time of life when you have no filter and say what you see, what you know and what is on your mind. She is a wonderful girl, isn’t she?!

Reporter Jeff Zevely and I sat for a while in sunny Balboa Park and talked about the oplaes Lori Leak has been and where she is going while visiting San Diego. Places like Surf Diva in La Jolla and the world famous San Diego Zoo Safari Park, the carousel in Seaport Village is only one places she will go. Check out the story!


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