Right now we are in the midst of a presidential election year, between Democrat Joseph R. Biden and Republican Donald J. Trump (the incumbent). Did you know Lori Leak has a presidential connection?

In a future book you will learn about her visit to Washington, D.C., and her visit with former President Barack H. Obama. Until then, here is an old photo Lori Leak and her family have of Lori Leak in the White House’s Oval Office, sharing her thoughts on issues that matter to children and youth!

Right now Lori Leak is thinking about the questions she would like to ask Democratic presidential candidate Joseph R. Biden and his running mate, vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris. Kids – what would YOU like to ask either Mr. Biden or Ms. Harris? Parents, what would be important for you to know from them regarding children and youth?

Maybe your questions will get asked/answered in the NEW book coming, LORI LEAK TRAVELS TO WASHINGTON DC.


If you would like a SIGNED copy of the book where Lori Leak’s global adventures began, you can have it for $12 (including tax & shipping, USA only) October 19-31! Order here. Be sure to give your name, email and address. Click on the book cover below:


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