Are you getting as excited as we are about the experiences Lori Leak will have in Paris? We are very excited that we are giving you another sneak peak at the beautiful illustrations that will be in the book. Here is Lori Leak and her parents having dinner on a boat as they cruise Paris’ Seine River.

The river Seine courses through the heart of Paris bordering 10 of the 20 arrondisements, or neighborhoods.  The city built itself and grew around this channel of transportation and commerce then known by its Latin name Sequana. It evolved from the time of the early Parisi tribes on the river’s island, through the period when the invading Romans attacked and overthrew them. The river is still the city’s primary commercial waterway and half of the water used in Paris still comes form the Seine.

There are 32 bridges (ponts)  on the river in Paris. The most famous is the Pont Neuf and and the second most famous is the Pont des Arts. There is even a new “Paris Beach” in the center of the city where people now hang out in the summer.

You’ve heard of the “right bank and the “left bank”? You can tell which on you are by this:  when you face DOWNRIVER the left bank is on your left and the right bank is on your right. Look at the water flow and see which way it is going, then you can orient yourself!

I n the story, Lori Leak and her parents have a delicious dinner on one of the boats that offers dining by the night lights of Paris. If you have never done it, let me tell you it is magical!

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