By providing a young woman with access to experiences that shape her world views — such as internships, study abroad trips, conferences, etc. — we arm her with knowledge and give her the chance to feel confident in her background and self-value. This is why Lori Leak is such an important character.It is a proven fact that Millennial women, born 1983-2004, consistently earn salaries that are lower than Millennial men and face higher rates of poverty.  There is a gender gap for an entire generation of women entering the workforce and it must be closed.

Lori Leak is one of keys to closing this gender gap and making a more level playing field for women. How? Through being a girl of color who travels the world.  This book and the series that will follow depict a girl who will become a woman who travels around the globe. She sees no door as being closed to her.

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Salary negotiation is a significant skill required for success. Yet, women lack this skill.  It is men who, on average, are four times more likely to negotiate their first salary. They ask for something so they get it (or near it). Women take what they are given and most times it is significantly less than what they should earn. Overall, women are not bold, do not question, capitulate when countered and do not say what they want. Lori Leak is not like this, She is a female who says what she wants, asks for what she wants and knows how to negotiate. She is also a young female being given access to the world, in “Lori Leak Travels to Paris” and future books in the series.

When young women are given access to intercultural and global experiences it shapes their value systems and world views. These open opportunity experiences are things such as internships, study abroad trips, conferences, etc. — equip females with the confidence, self-esteem, resources, knowledge, understanding and access that opens doors and prepares her to negotiate anything she desires.

What children read and see on various forms of media informs them about their gender and their possibilities in life. They act on this knowledge.

By reading about Lori Leak and her adventures, girls who will become women will be normalized into the thought that they can travel abroad, study abroad, learn other languages, being among people of other cultures and live in other countries. They will see international relations, international employment and intercultural encounters as something to which they have access. It will not be a question.

Lori Leak opens doors.

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